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Over the past decade, we have created a rather extensive database of educational articles covering a variety of topics ranging from investment real estate, tax mitigation strategies, wealth management, macroeconomics, etc. Our intent is for these articles to provide our clients with valuable information that will help them make excellent investment decisions. Here are the top ten most often read articles.

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This section provides in-depth information on a wide range of topics including tax, real estate, and investment strategy. We specialize in tax-advantaged wealth management, commercial real estate, 1031 and 1033 exchanges, tax write-off strategies, and alternative investments.

Collectively, the members of JRW represent decades of experience and backgrounds in real estate, taxation, investment and securities analysis and structure. We work together to connect you to investment real estate that is customized to meet your needs.

Deferred Sales Trust Introduction

Introduction to the Deferred Sales Trust. What is it? How does it Work? Guidelines and more considerations. Read More
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Understanding the Capital Stack and How It Affects Your Investments

Understanding an investment's place in the "capital stack" is one of the most important aspects of due diligence an investor must complete prior to making any investment. The "capital stack" refers to the legal organization of all of the capital placed... Read More
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Introduction to Tax Write-Offs and Credits

Tax Write-Offs, credits and where the trade-offs are at. Read More
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Primary Types of Single-Tenant Net-Leased Properties

This article provides a general description of the primary types of single-tenant triple-net assets investors encounter in the market and outlines a road map of the trade-offs of each asset type. These are general guidelines. A customized evaluation... Read More
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Introduction to the 721 Exchange

Benefits of a 721 Exchange, Qualification for a 721 Exchange, How a 721 Exchange Works and the end of the road for 1031 Exchanges... Read More
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Real Estate Ownership Types: Know Your Collateral and Rights

It is essential that investors know exactly what they own when purchasing real estate. For instance, if investors are considering the purchase of a property with McDonalds as the tenant, are they buying both the land and the building, just the ground... Read More
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Principles of Wealth Preservation and Growth

The principles of risk management and wealth building that I outline below are nothing new. I borrow liberally from the past and current financial greats who have far more knowledge and experience than I do. Nevertheless, the swings of human... Read More
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What to Look For in Single-Tenant NNN Properties

This article will address how these aspects of NNN real estate ownership are reflected in each of the primary categories of NNN property. Read More
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Real Estate Investment Structures

Real estate ownership is often thought of only in the context of owning an entire building or portfolio of buildings outright. Sole-ownership, however, is only one of the multiple investment structures that accommodate real estate ownership and... Read More
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Our Investment Distinctives

What core values define us as a company? What are the distinctives that set JRW Investments apart from the crowd of other wealth management and 1031 exchange companies? What does it mean to provide Truly Customized Investment Solutions? Read More
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