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Kyle Bass: One of the Biggest Banks...Wants Me to Close My Japan Trade

I found the following comments from Kyle Bass to be both hilarious and scary at the same time. When Kyle Bass speaks, I listen. He is one of the more brilliant and successful hedge-fund managers of late. He and his team implement a macro-driven approach... Read More

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How Does Quantitative Easing Impact Interest Rates?

It is quite rational to assume that bond prices will go up and yields will go lower when the Federal Reserve purchases billions of dollars of US Treasuries and other government-backed bonds on a monthly basis for an unlimited period of time. The only... Read More

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Is It Time to Buy Some Gold?

Given all of the incredibly negative press gold has been getting these past few weeks and especially in the past few days, is it time to take a contrarian position? I find it odd that when gold was priced at $1,900 an ounce, it was on its way to... Read More

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We Are Back!

Some of you may have noticed that you could not access the website from Thursday through Friday of this past week. We were changing over a couple of core-level features of the website and are now back up and fully functioning! Please let us know if you... Read More

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Doubling Down on My Euro Short

Over a good portion of last week I materially increased my short position in the Euro (basically doubling down) as it reached highs not seen since about a year ago. I write this to remain transparent with my thought process as it unfolds and for those... Read More

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George Friedman: The World You Know Isn't There Anymore

In this video presentation, George Friedman outlines the major geopolitical shifts that are affecting Europe and China, two of the three major pillars of economic stability over the past couple of decades. He points out that the return to equilibrium we... Read More

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JRW Annual Bowling Championship 2013

It was a brutal battle of the JRW Men vs. the JRW Women at the First Annual JRW Bowling Extravaganza of 2013. It was a surprisingly close match (partly because I was such a terrible drag on my team with my terrible bowling. I am one of those types of... Read More

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Latest Investment Recommendation Closing Soon

For those of you who are not already aware, one of the strongest investment recommendations that we have had available for some time is about to close in the next week or so. If you have interest in learning more, please feel free to contact us or you... Read More

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Spring REISA 2013 and ExchangeRight Update

JRW Investments, Inc. will be attending the Spring REISA conference for 2013 in San Diego this weekend through the early part of next week. REISA stands for the Real Estate Investment Securities Association, and is one of the larger trade associations... Read More

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Time to Take Initial Profits on Volatility

Volatility is up by approximately 30% from the time I made this recommendation (May 4) to profit from a potential spike in volatility. Volatility has spiked due to the current stock market correction and I believe it is now time to take profits on this... Read More

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