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Real Estate Investment Structures
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1. Sole-Ownership 2. Tenant-In-Common Ownership 3. Delaware Statutory Trust Ownership 4. Real Estate Investment Trust 5. Real Estate Funds (LLC or LP Structures) Real estate ownership is often thought of only in the context of owning an entire building or portfolio of buildings outright. Sole-ownership, however, is only one of the multiple investment structures that accommodate real estate ownership and investment participation. Investors are able to utilize many different types...

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1031 Exchange Property Identification Rules
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In order to successfully defer capital gains taxes using a 1031 exchange, an investor must identify potential replacement properties, in writing, by midnight of the 45 th calendar day after the close of escrow on the relinquished property. If the IRS requirements concerning property identification and receipt are not met, the transaction will be recognized as a taxable sale rather than a tax-deferred exchange. Here is what you need to know. [If you are looking for property, you can fill out t...

... in trade Stocks, bonds, or notes Other securities or debt [2] NOTE: Delaware Statutory Trust and Tenant-in-Common interests do qualify and are not a part of these ...

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