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George Friedman: The World You Know Isn't There Anymore

In this video presentation, George Friedman outlines the major geopolitical shifts that are affecting Europe and China, two of the three major pillars of economic stability over the past couple of decades. He points out that the return to equilibrium we naturally anticipate is not likely--at least not in the way we expect--and the way the world worked prior to the Great Recession has irreversibly shifted.

Friedman does a masterful job of exposing the crumbling foundation beneath the framework that had shaped the last two decades, as well as the emerging power and trade structures that may shape the next 20 years. Those who see the changes coming will be able to take advantage of it. Those who long for and have a portfolio anticipating a return to the "good ole' days" will be left behind.

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Written By: Joshua Ungerecht

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