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Nifty Population Growth Mapping Tool
I have recently discovered a very useful population/demographic mapping tool that visually displays the areas of population growth and decline all the way down to the census tract level. The information tracks the net changes over a 10 year period, from 2000-2010, and will be very helpful for us as we review demographic trends that affect the investments we track and analyze. The data will also be of assistance to the latest company we have launched, ExchangeRight Real Estate. ExchangeRight actively acquires net-leased real estate all over the country for 1031 investors and is targeting stable or growing infill and metro areas. This tool may help us better identify and avoid those areas that could be subject to longer-term decline. I have included the link below. If you are an information junkie like I am, you will love it!

&emc=thab1">  Written By: Joshua Ungerecht

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