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JRW Annual Bowling Championship 2013

It was a brutal battle of the JRW Men vs. the JRW Women at the First Annual JRW Bowling Extravaganza of 2013. It was a surprisingly close match (partly because I was such a terrible drag on my team with my terrible bowling. I am one of those types of bowlers who gets excited when I can break 100).

Big ticket items were at stake. The losing group has to do dishes for the the winning group each day until all the group members have cycled through a turn at the sink. The top bowlers in each group each receive a prize. And who could fail to mention the pride and honor of winning such a well-renowned and historic competition?

A rumor was floating around that the women had been practicing up to the day of the event. We tallied the scores and averages and the results are...

The men won!

Nick Saiben had the highest score for the men at 162 (and that was with three frames remaining to bowl prior to the lane closing).

Catie Kirby, Jennifer Rodriguez, and Susana Dryden tied for highest single game score for the women at 110, but Catie's combined 2-game score was the tie breaker.

Written By: Joshua Ungerecht

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