Before you invest, let us investigate.

For Smaller 1031/1033 Investments ($25,000 to $3 Million)

Investors with less capital to place for their exchange or who have capital left over to place from a larger acquisition are also able to complete a 1031 or 1033 exchange. For investors in these circumstances, we utilize Fractional Net Leased, Bank-Owned, and Multifamily 1031 investments (Delaware Statutory Trusts and Tenant-In-Common) to provide access to institutional quality and opportunistic real estate acquisitions that have been structured to allow for smaller investment minimums and that qualify for 1031 and 1033 tax deferred exchanges.

For Larger 1031/1033 Investments ($1-25 Million)

We primarily target Sole-Ownership Net Leased (aka "NNN”) and Sole-Ownership Bank-Owned (heavily discounted commercial real estate) for clients looking to place a larger amount of capital to work for their tax deferred exchange. As mentioned below, we can, of course, also accommodate the same types of acquisitions for non-1031 cash.

For Smaller Cash Investments ($25,000 to $5 Million)

In the same way we customize a portfolio for an investor targeting sole-ownership assets, we build a portfolio or target specific investments with smaller required minimums in value-add and opportunistic real estate. For example, we source secondary REIT acquisitions that allow clients to make relative small investments at a steep discount to the original share price to participate in cash flowing real estate investment trusts that have portfolios of real estate ranging from $200 Million to $10 Billion in size. We also target individual bank-owned assets that have been structured to allow smaller investment minimums ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 to be pooled together for the acquisition of a larger asset..

For Larger Cash Investments ($5 Million to $50 Million)

We can customize and build a portfolio to meet the specific goals of the investor. We specialize particularly in Net Leased and Bank-Owned properties and can tailor a portfolio to target one or the other or a combination of both. Our financed sole-ownership net leased acquisitions tend to provide attractive, stabilized cash flow backed by investment-grade and other credit worthy corporate tenants with lease terms averaging 10-15 years. Our bank-owned acquisitions tend to produce attractive unleveraged income immediately, with initial occupancies ranging from 30-60%. We target lease up of the assets over a 6-18 month period with the goal of increasing unleveraged cash flow and adding value upon stabilization.